The U&I Crew

There is harshness in the storms at Bells Beach that only the strongest of wills can withstand and there is no stronger woman than one that comes from the angry sea.

In collaboration with strong and forward thinking women U&I aim to (finally) create women´s surf culture. These ambassadors are ladies that represent the lifestyle that women on the coast are living. They are strong women, busy creating and living their dreams behind the camera rather in front of it. When they are not too busy they keep the lineups balanced with great attitude and great style... they ´surf like a girl`. 

Brinkley Davis
Free Diver • Marine Biologist • Surfer

Sasha Leitmanis
Longboarder • Surfboard Shaper

Angela King
Longboarder • Entrepreneur • Mother

Amber Jones
Photographer • Entrepreneur • Surfer
New Zealand