With each stitch inspired by the power of the ocean, our mission is to create women’s surf culture, promote slow fashion, and protect our planet. By helping reduce the environmental impact of wardrobes, our goal is to unite water women across the globe to protect our coastal playgrounds and start conversations both in and out of the water to create positive change. 

U&I - Not your average label

Established in 2016, U&I Label was dreamt up in-between sets while surfing at Bells Beach by Swedish designer & photographer Emma Bäcklund. The team behind the label are connected through a mutual love for the ocean and passion for designing with purpose.

As surfing mummas running an independent label, we hope to inspire and empower women by creating an inclusive community of those connected to the water. We tread lightly, and consciously create products that allow our seasters to effortlessly move from land to sea in flattering silhouettes that stem from practicality and pure functionality.

We seek a life filled with adventure, and our happy place is in the lineup, salty & sun kissed. We share stories of strong feminine souls who inspire, those who are the change makers, and the ones who represent the true coastal women's lifestyle.

More than a label, we are in business to do things better, create women’s surf culture and have fun while doing it! Creating this brand holds us to be the very best version of ourselves, and gives us a platform to help protect the very place that brings us the most joy.

We are proud to help reduce the environmental impact of wardrobes through providing a better alternative for active women who respect and seek design. All our pieces are sustainably and ethically made, using 100% regenerated nylon for our swim, and deadstock fabrics for our apparel. Learn more about our commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing here.

Ultimately we hope to create a brand that coexists with nature and contribute to a slow and circular model of business. Our goal is to design timeless collections that speak to female surfers, ocean dwellers, and the everyday woman who has a connection to the sea.

From Bells to Noosa, 

Emma & Ladies


We would also like to pay tribute to Jodie Hayes & Jen Sharpe. Jodie -the original co-founder and swimwear designer that helped set the foundation of what U&I is today. Jen -a powerhouse of a mumma that played a big part in launching the very first LAND collection and helped establish U&I in the water Noosa waters.