A New Zealand based Camerawoman and editor with a shark obsession. From a young age, Ambers burning desire to travel lead her to surf and snow photography, amongst the elements. Now described a visual storyteller with a strong affluence for the water. Together with her partner Riley Elliott she explores, documents and protects the fish they respect and love.  

"The ocean is my playground, my workplace, my supermarket and my muse."


U&I Ambassador Amber Main Image
U&I Ambassador Amber Jones
U&I Ambassador Amber Jones Images: amberandfriends.net


Amber Jones: A Photo Journal

U&I Label Ambassador Amber Ocean
My Workspace 

U&I Label Ambassador Amber Jones Self Portrait
Self Portrait 

U&I Label Ambassador Amber Jones Partner
Riley Elliott

 U&I Ambassador Amber Stick
My Stick

U&I Ambassador Amber Jones Happy
Makes me happy: Seeing other women out in the water shredding