Katrina Swimwear Top

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Katrina Top

STORM: The dark, cold nature of our local break is encapsulated in this collection. 
There is harshness in the storms at Bells Beach that only the strongest of wills can withstand. For this reason, the namesake of each garment is the female title of a famous storm from around the world. There is no stronger woman than one that comes from the angry sea. Subtle prints and dark colour palettes paint the elegant cuts and luxurious fabrics of our new capsule – Storm.

Recommended for surf as big as you can handle. Our surf top has been tested in all sorts of conditions and doesn't roll or twist. 
The models are wearing size 8.

Style Description:

- Padded and removable bra cup for comfort & support  
- Versatile tys for design freedom
- SPF 50+
- Made in Australia 

Image featuring Patchula @YogaPatch

Photographer: Emma Bäcklund