Johanna Swimwear One-piece

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Johanna One-piece

JOHANNA: Where the road ends, where the horizon is lost to the sky, lays Johanna. A beach of the wilderness, untouched, an illusive retreat for those that wish to escape. Johanna is a southern mistress we all wish to know, but few will ever touch.

Recommended for surf as large as you can handle. Our Johanna one-piece has been tested in all sorts of conditions and sticks.
Model wearing size 8.

Style Description:

-High neck one-piece


-Hand-dyed front and back contrast

-Zipper back with leather string pull

-50+ SPF sun protection 

-Made in Australia

*All garments are hand-dyed individually from our Torquay studio, this may create slight colour variance. Every piece is unique.


Feature image by U&I
Surfer: Meg Sweeney
Photographer: Emma Backlund