There is harshness in the storms at Bells Beach that only the strongest of wills can withstand and there is no stronger woman than one that comes from the angry sea.

The Women Of Bells is an initiative and opportunity to feature some very special women that represent the strong and ambitious women we look up to. These are women both living locally on the Surf Coast of Australia and also women in our extended global network.

U&I Label was born out of the sea scape while surfing Bells Beach and it is the dark, cold nature of our local break that has inspired this very The Women Of Bells series. 

When these women are not to busy creating they keep our lineups balanced with great attitude & feminine style. 

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This clip is featuring: Meg Sweeney, Jay Locker, Tiff Riggs & Sam Sunderman, all local Torquay women.  
Filmed by @naluproductions