U&I x Monster Children

Aussie label U&I has more in mind than just sunbaking.

"With countless women’s swimwear brands on the market looking like even the briefest rendezvous with salt water will see them instantly destroyed, U&I is leading the pack for labels blending function and style seamlessly. Based out of Torquay, Melbourne, the swimwear label has just released their new range After The Rain, and it’s good enough to live in this summer. The Australian made pieces feel as good as they look, with clever contouring and classic colour palettes making up the bulk of the new wardrobe staples." 

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One of the most painful and common mistakes I see first-time entrepreneurs make is that they fall in love with their own business idea
Don’t waste time or spend money on non-core issues when starting a business. In fact, don’t spend any money until you make some


Don’t fall in love with your business idea. Instead, fall in love with the problem you’re trying to solve for your customers, and validate your business idea early on that it is a problem worth solving."
They’ll spend months building what they believe to be the next innovative, disruptive, game-changing startup. Then they launch… and nobody buys, nobody cares, nothing happens


One of the most important things about starting a business is being flexible. Listening to customers, watching data and making iterations and changes as needed. Sometimes having a path or a rigid business plan can limit you. Think of your business like a meadow not a path, just play!"
There is no path! I think the biggest mistake first-time entrepreneurs make is they desperately want a structured business plan and direct path."


Pitch your product or service as soon as you have the bare bones of it put together. This will give you valuable feedback about whether your market really wants it. You can polish it later
Perfectionism cripples a lot of entrepreneurs. They won’t launch their site or put their product up for sale until they think it’s perfect, which is a big waste of time. It’s never going to be perfect."

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