The Styles We Wear

Bells: Bells is the spiritual epicenter for surfing in the south. Beyond the clean walls, and line upon line of uninhibited power, are cliffs that disappear into winter mist. This is the place that Australian surfing was built upon, where it lives on in the frozen fingertips of wave riders.


Rincon: Rincon is the heart racing beginning to the rogue, bay of Bells Beach. It is where the rush begins, where anticipation builds, and on classic days, can peel without a drop out of place.

Winki: Beyond the ledge of a sheer drop off is ultimate perfection. A flawless right-hander that reels across shallow reef, Winki’s beauty is ever tantalizing. Some days we love it, some days we hate it, but when it’s on, it’s that feeling that will keep us coming back.   

Bird Rock: A hollow right-hand reef break, set against a rocky seascape. A fast take off that can lead to the feeling we all search for, the illusive tube. The biggest test is the locals that reside there; this is not a place for the faint hearted.

Juc: Juc is fun. It’s a local hang out, where grommets spend their days. A peaky beach break, almost overshadowed by the world-class waves in the background. Juc is summer days spent hanging toes, or pulling into wedgy barrels. Juc is the place we all turn to, the place where there is always waves.

Johanna: Where the road end, where the horizon is lost to the sky, lays Johanna. A beach of the wilderness, untouched, an illusive retreat for those that wish to escape. Johanna is a southern mistress we all wish to know, but few will ever touch.

Written by Lucy Small 

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